On (or off) faisalbadri.com

I got a call yesterday (my phone claims 6:32) from someone claiming to be from my domain registrar, calling about my domain – faisalbadri.com. I tried to explain that faisalbadri.com is not my domain, that I’m not Faisal Badri, that I’ve never heard of Faisal Badri, and the caller had reached the wrong person. He insisted that the domain is registered to me. I pulled up the whois record and, sure enough, faisalbadri.com is not registered to me. I tried explaining this again and he was insistent. Finally he said “ok, I’ll update your record. thank you.” and hung up.

I can’t tell if this is incompetence on the part of some Indonesian ISP, or some new domain-registration scam. If you have any ideas, please mail me. If you’re Faisal Badri, check your domain registration.