Most of the software here that I wrote evolved out of quick hack scripts I wrote to solve a specific problem. Accordingly, most of the software here is still a little fragile and needs more work. However, everything here works for me and possibly other people. If you’re comfortable with the fact that it may be unstable unsupported nonsense, feel free to make backups and then give it a shot.

ProFontX is a version of the ProFont typeface without the ligatures that make ProFont unhappy in Mac OS X Cocoa apps (or, at least, any that I could find – I took the version that was out there and used Fontographer to remove those ligatures. Please note that I no longer have access to Fontographer and I never had a sense of font design in the first place, so I’m not able to change this from what it is.)

The Documentation page has more information and tips on other pieces of software.