Tom Watson has some good coverage of Mukhtaran Bibi. To review:

  1. Bibi’s brother winds up in trouble.
  2. As punishment for her brother’s transgressions, judges order Bibi gang raped.
  3. Then she’s supposed to kill herself. Only, having far more than the shred of human dignity her assailants are obviously missing, she doesn’t. Instead she speaks out.
  4. The government of Pakistan throws Bib in jail and cites the International “Look, a Bird!” Convention.
  5. The story grows.
  6. The government of Pakistan releases her, and says she’s free to travel to the US to tell her tale. Only they won’t return her passport.

Pakistan, Out Good Friend™ and Ally In The War On Terror™.

Thanks to Fred Wilson and Angelica at Battlepanda for bringing this to my attention.