I am once again standing at ground zero. Not the Ground Zero of 9/11, but the one of “the nuclear age”.

I spent my early to mid teens and my early twenties in Bethesda, MD - an almost equidistant spitting distance from the White House, the CIA headquarters, and a number of strategic military operations in Maryland. I lived with the simultaneously disquieting and reassuring knowledge that, in the event of nuclear war, I would be within the circle of total destruction, that my body would be reduced to component atoms within a split second.

Now I live in California, away from all that. Or so I thought, until half the developing world decided to play Nuclear Chicken. The PRC military has to be getting awfully nervous right now. When the missiles do start flying, I’m on the close shore, in the place with a lot of the wounded economy that our infamous bearded compadre just told every half-baker in the world to attack. Between this and all the talk of National Missile Defense, it’s just like being back in the ‘eighties.

Minus the hair.

Well, that’s progress.

In other news, I’m starting a new project and also changing the software back end for this site, which will diminish the number and frequency of posts, at times to zero.